Quick, efficient and stress-free home transactions for all involved.

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Movemnt connects property professionals with a national home transaction infrastructure.

It expands their business, while giving them immediate access to essential data, automated communications and digital services that reduce the friction of home purchases – for everyone.

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About us

Calling all estate agents, housebuilders, conveyancers and mortgage providers: Movemnt can increase the flow of home transactions to your business, while making those transactions complete in a quicker and more efficient way. 

We do this through integrating your systems and acquiring data at the earliest point possible, before sharing this in a reusable way throughout the network. 

It’s free to join – so there’s nothing stopping you. 

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Connect your business

Integrate with Movemnt once to connect to everyone on the network

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Get instructions

Get instructions through our already-integrated products, including Zoopla Move, Yourkeys, Alto, USwitch and Confused.com.

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Instant property data access

We securely capture property information before the instruction, which is then instantly put through a trusted framework, eliminating that post-instruction data delay.

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Build market-leading experiences

Movemnt lets you build your consumer experience on top of it – helping you beat the market with leading UX that will supercharge your transaction.

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Movemnt: connecting housing
transaction data and brands

Part of the Houseful family of brands, Movemnt brings together the data of Hometrack and the lead management and distribution of Alto, Yourkeys and Zoopla Move.

The result? Faster, smoother home transactions for everyone.